Help me answer my questions and thoughts about WordPress

Old long title of this post: First Post from WordPress App on Windows 8 announcing which blog platform I will choose

I’ve finally decided to make wordpress my blog of choice and to start updating it on a more regular basis with my thoughts and ideas

I’ve been postponing this decision for quite a while, partly because I didn’t know whether I should have used blogger, wordpress, medium, movable type or others…. and partly because I was too busy ;)

One feature that really sold me was the ability for visitors to easily subscribe to your blog via email, not that many people would…sadly….yet ;)

Meanwhile I’m now realizing that the feature that sold me probably won’t do me much good as I probably won’t even have access to the emails of those that subscribe… or will I? I will try using another browser where I’m not logged in as a user

Btw the wordpress app on Windows 8 is pretty great actually, and for those that think “why do you need an app, just use the web” here are a few thoughts why a wordpress app is for me a MILLION times better than just using the browser

  • Site is not hidden under a million tabs over multiple windows (yes I’m that type of guy and see enough tab junkies like me ;)
  • More easily grab images from your PC (Actually this is not working well… I will try again a 3rd time :/ maybe it is attached and I just don’t see it
  • Nice and Clean UI that helps to Focus (see image below)
App would need a
  • Share to FB / twitter / linkedin etc buttons
  • Save Drafts and save as you type (maybe it already does but I don’t see it)
  • From homepage make the “create new post” larger and clickable without having to call the app bar (which I think a lot of Windows 8 users are not familiar with”)
Just a few thoughts about blogging… feel free to correct me, answer my questions, comment, etc!

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