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Apple Watch Review after less than 24hr

May 14, 2015
  • Great HW
  • Onboarding is amazing
  • Rotation wheel is so smooth
  • you can even take Screenshots! 
  • Move the wrist towards your eyes and watch turns on
  • Driving/Walking and changing the song is amazing (both itunes and spotify!)
  • Smudges
  • Menu
    • Hard to organize
    • Hard to see the icons
    • Folders would have worked much better here or just swiping up and down glances style
    • This UI would work better on a bigger screen

  • ” Friends” is empty…so sad to feel this empty room syndrome

  • Sports Band not so easy to make tighter
  • Not so easy to get back to home
  • Apple pay credit cards should have been Synched

  • Adding apps should be one click meaning I shouldn’t have to tap on each app go into another menu and select on /off



  • How do you change the world clock cities?
  • Move wrist and interact with watch
Android watch By Motorola I tried last time was horrible, doesn’t even compare to this!
Apple should allow to save more default replies
Also the following two screens should be synced 


Allow to choose to show specific calendars on watch
Or specific google emails


Failing in downloading Samsung S Suggest app discovery app from a Samsung device

February 21, 2014

Even with a Samsung Galaxy device I cannot download “Samsung S Suggest” app discovery app


Though I guess that looking at the reviews I don’t have too much to learn from it for AppSocial…unless it’s about what NOT to do


Looking at the description and screenshots seems like Samsung is trying both social and algorithmic raccomendations…cool idea…let’s see if I’m able to download it on my samsung device or not…or maybe I need to buy a new one ๐Ÿ˜‰ haha



Appsocial Leader board is now looking too boring with too many Nokia local merchandisers accounts

August 8, 2013

Appsocial Leader board is now looking too boring with too many Nokia local merchandisers accounts

Don’t you think?

Trying collect the major Mobile/Tech/Startup Events in San Francisco

January 7, 2012

Trying collect the major Mobile/Tech/Startup Events in San Francisco

Is there one calendar that has them all?

Whatsapp on Windows Phone

January 1, 2012

Its on windows phone
So much easier and cheaper to get in touch with friends all over the place
It kills or badly hurts BBM need

Notifications don’t really take you to the message (that’s probably more a WP platform issue)

Allow more space for names (right now its covered by the word “mobile” which indicates which device the person is using)
Allow use on multiple devices, on web, on desktop