Appsocial Leader board is now looking too boring with too many Nokia local merchandisers accounts

August 8, 2013

Appsocial Leader board is now looking too boring with too many Nokia local merchandisers accounts

Don’t you think?


Ai miei cari giovani Pugliesi

May 21, 2012

Oggi non riesco come ogni weekend a godermi una giornata di sole al mare a San Diego in California dove vivo e lavoro, non posso perche sono nato e cresciuto in Puglia a Cerignola e perche passo da Brindisi ogni anno per andare al mare a Otranto.

Solamente rimango fermo e penso in lacrime con moltissima tristezza ai miei cari giovani Pugliesi che non solo vanno a scuola in edifici fatiscenti e con docenti non sempre qualificati, ma anche sapendo di avere poche possibilita di trovare lavoro nella propria regione vicino alla famiglia e agli amici…addirittura adesso vengono attaccati feriti e uccisi con esplosivi brutalmente da pazzi criminali da ERGASTOLO!

Come sempre penso di pensare in maniera positiva e una cosa buona e che mi viene una motivazione fortissima mista con un po di rabbia a fare qualcosa per migliorare la situazione e aiutare la mia terra anche se da lontano…rimbocchiamoci le maniche e diamoci tutti piu da fare anche se con un piccolo gesto o con un grande sogno…

Alle persone che stanno impalate a vedere eventi sportivi spegnete la TV per almeno 5 minuti e pensate a cosa potete fare anche voi

A tutti gli Italiani all’estero come me non dimenticatevi del nostro paese, tornate e pensate sempre a cosa potete fare per aiutarlo adesso, anche se non e molto, e nel futuro con i vostri sogni da realizzare.

Alle persone che sono scese in piazza a Milano, Genova, Roma e altre citta in Italia per dare il supporto a Brindisi e ai Pugliesi grazie del sostegno mi avete riempito di gioia e sono fiero di essere ITALIANO!

un abbraccione forte a tutti i giovani Pugliesi e del Sud

e per favore non ABBIATE MAI PAURA…non possiamo farli vincere…DOBBIAMO VINCERE NOI!!!!

Mingly Thoughts and Review

April 13, 2012


  • Outlook add in
  • Take up more space if you have a bigger screen (especially in the section to setup reminders like you do in the “contacts” section)
  • automatic scrolling and loading in the reminder section
  • Add SMS and call support
  • Synch groups with Outlook groups so that I don’t have to waste time in creating groups in different places


  • Only one facebook account supported? 
  • are you merging the contacts (supposedly yes but I don’t really see that happening)

Trying collect the major Mobile/Tech/Startup Events in San Francisco

January 7, 2012

Trying collect the major Mobile/Tech/Startup Events in San Francisco

Is there one calendar that has them all?

Whatsapp on Windows Phone

January 1, 2012

Its on windows phone
So much easier and cheaper to get in touch with friends all over the place
It kills or badly hurts BBM need

Notifications don’t really take you to the message (that’s probably more a WP platform issue)

Allow more space for names (right now its covered by the word “mobile” which indicates which device the person is using)
Allow use on multiple devices, on web, on desktop


January 1, 2012

here is why I love Mexico so much

Food (tacos (pastor, arrachera), alambre, salsas picantes,)
Drinks (tequila, Maya drink that I need to get the name again)
Música (Luis miguel, los tigres del norte, casi toda la música fresa, )
La gente mas simpática del mundo
Los antros (hace tiempo: alebrije, club del norte, worka, hindu….more lately raga, Love)
La naturaleza (el canon del sumidero en Chiapas, Yucatán)…las palmeras!
Las playas (Mazunte en Oaxaca, isla mujeres, los cabos)
En el norte de México hay unas de las mujeres mas hermosas del mundo!

I dislike
For Mexico city traffic and smog

Linkedin: Good, Bad and Ideas

March 4, 2011

As I love to socialize I’ve always loved social networks, while like everyone in the planet I use Facebook, though after I go on it for a few minutes I feel like I’m wasting my time…Asmallworld is another one I like, unfortunately the UX (user experience) is terrible…

Linkedin is probably my favorite social network as it’s the most useful to me:
– I check the background of new industry people I meet
– it helps me to stay in touch with new acquaintances at conferences
– I can see if anyone I know changed jobs
– I always learn something new and relevant from status updates (I wish more would use it)
– Plus every time I use it I discover new cool functionalities…I recently upgraded to premium

Below are my thoughts around the Good, Bad and Ideas to improve Linked:

– Great overall UI, colors and brand
– Basically the list above of why I like it, in one word: productive
– Almost everyone in my industry is on it

– Poor Mobile App
iPhone (slow, no notifications to increase active usage, in person does not work, no group support, no job search, overall the app is not engaging

– No presence at major conferences at events (CES, CTIA, MWC) with Mobile Apps (like MWC Heat from Google here is a video to show you that Google is again taking over a smaller but way cooler Silicon Valley startup

– Profile: links you add in the description of your jobs are not clickable
Screen Capture 47

– Partner with someone like CardScan so that right after cards are scanned invites to Linkedin are sent (or prepared)

– When adding email accounts give the opportunity to easily add only who is already on Linkedin

– Partner with someone like Vistaprint so that people can print Linkedin business cards when they are looking for jobs
I got this idea after I saw the card of an ex colleague that looked almost like a Linkedin sponsored card. It even had the Linkedin logo! I can provide that if needed

– NO Facebook connect…is it by design (avoid mixing private life with work)…or is it because of rivalry between Facebook and Linkedin?

Boardwalk: no cars, just sports on the beach

January 23, 2011

Boardwalk should be built instead of roads for cars in front of the coast
– it stimulates sports (run, biking, rollerblades…)
– makes the coast more enjoyable and tourist friendly
– should have a good mix of houses and businesses (bars, restaurants, shops)
– possibly creates the most fun people watching situation

Give electricity and internet for free in public transportation places

January 20, 2011

Finally I see electricity and internet widely and freely available in an airport

Love the feeling

Internet is truly a primary necessity

Hello world!

January 20, 2011

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