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Currently reading @Apple ibook: #iOS Human Interface Guidelines

May 22, 2014

I told myself I need to read more but unfortunately I find classics and novels terribly boring, the last book I read was Steve Jobs’ biography which I loved and read quite quickly. I guess I need to keep reading what I love and what I love is tech, apps, mobile, business & so on…hopefully one day I’ll finally get into classics…

for now my current book is

iOS Human Interface Guidelines: Create a superlative user experience that’s founded on Apple’s design principles and guidelines. Available for free on ibooks here

iOS Human Interface Guidelines

Overall notes

  • Take over the whole screen
  • Translucent elements
  • Use system fonts
  • “As much as possible, avoid displaying a splash screen or other startup experience. It’s best when users can begin using your app immediately.”
  • Get as much information from other sources (like what? Built-in app and device settings)
  • Delay a login requirement for as long as possible
  • When your app restarts, restore it’s state so users can continue where they left off
  • Save user data as soon as possible and as often as reasonable
  •  Color as strong element of interactivity