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Should I stay at Munich airport or downtown tonight?

April 17, 2014

No dai tranquillo hotel vicino all’aeroporto prenoto aspetto che mi vengono a prendere in bus e SBOOM Chiama finalmente Caspar! Come to Munich lets have a drink…i just can’t resist seeing a good old friend from Bocconi especially in one of my favorite cities in Europe: Munich!!!!

I had a great time while visiting Munich on many weekends in 2008 when I worked in Ulm…so many fun nights at baby and P1!!! Meanwhile tonight I forgot my nice shoes in the big luggages that are waiting to get loaded on my flight to san Francisco tomorrow!!! So im rocking my yellow Nike shoes that I need to decommission from running since I already had over 700km with them!

Finally using WordPress app on windows phone I gotta use my 8.1 device as primary so that I could have types much faster with wordflow
I truly miss it

A French couple is in front of me and I felt fear while they looked at their phones that probably had no wireless connectivity given we have so much fucking roaming fees in Europe…sorry the swearing but here we need it

Seeing how amazing it is to fly from new York to san Diego and all use the same SIM card and phone without roaming after a 5.5hrs flight its just annoying to fly just an hour in Europe and see people struggling that’s a HUGE BARRIER…heard by 2016 roaming should be removed but that’s not enough that wayyyyyy to late

EU bureaucrats in Brussels you gotta realize we are soooo far behind in Europe in so many ways you need to remove blockers such as roaming fees now!

Anyways my stream of consciousness is now over though it just feels really good to type thoughts and know they will be shared right away with others….even though I always struggle to choose a language in which to communicate…even at my bday I spoke both Italian and enough given that I was soooo happy to see many friends visiting from abroad!!!

Ok im tired of typing for now my final thought is about how much I want to use YouTube but how tough and time consuming it is to create good quality videos!!!

Finally I wonder if this post will be automacally shared on all my social networks as I configured it